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Richard 'Pick' Hobson was given birth to in Illinois on May 15, 1911. He headed west in 1929, eventually landing in Reno where he worked as being a dealer with the Palace Club. After gaining some experience, and a few friends, Pick invested his money in a gaming operation at the Colombo Club at 244 Lake Street, inside Colombo Hotel. The Toscano Hotel, just outside, housed advertising for Pick's clubs for many years, reminding those driving by, to go to his other casinos.
Joe Hobson, Pick's brother, joined him in a very casino perfectly located at the tiny city of Hawthorne, Nevada through the Second World War, when the munitions facility what food was in full swing. Also under way were the constantly fighting service men in town, working on the munitions facility. The Pick returned to Reno in 1943 and opened 'Pick's Club,' which reopened in 1946 because the Frontier Club when Joe purchased the casino at 220 North Virginia Street.
The casino featured a bar, craps, 21, and roulette, and also a race-horse book. A bingo hall was added in 1948, and 30 slot machine games were brought-in by Virgil Smith. Later a Keno game was added and also the table games expanded. By 1956 when the club was sold to Bill Harrah, there was 172 slot machines.
Harrah paid nearly $1 million for your casino, and a part of his final cost was a stipulation that Hobson wouldn't operate another casino for three years. In 1960, Pick purchased the Overland Hotel, just around the corner on Commercial and Center Street. The club backed-up to his old Lake Street casino.
In 1970, Pick purchased the Cosmo Club, that she operated for four years until it was closed so he could expand the Overland. At the same time, Pick was operating the Gold Club in Sparks, along with the Topaz Lodge in the California State Line.
Once again, Bill Harrah came knocking, offering to lease the Overland, though the hotel and casino immediately closed and also the property was demolished in June 1977. The Cosmo Club have also been demolished, and Harrah purchased the Riverside hotel casino from Jessie Beck and traded it to Hobson in exchange for the Overland and Cosmo Club land.
Pick Hobson was the past owner of the Riverside casino, which closed in December 1986. An auction of slots and memorabilia from click here the Riverside as well as the Overland happened, and also the hotel closed in November 1987. Pick transferred to Portola, California soon afterwards. He passed away August 19, 1996, always remembered like a very congenial boss who did his advisable to take care of his employees.

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